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Released in 2007, Celebrate The Newborn are re-released in Japan by Retribution Network. A hardcore/metal label based in Tokyo, home for some great bands like Blood Calls We Die, Canopus, Shiver, Genesis.


released June 5, 2007

Hands Upon Salvation - Celebrate The Newborn [Japan Version]
Retribution Network

1. Power To Awake
2. Breathing By Obscurity
3. Down To The Extinction
4. As The Sky Fall
5. A Thousand Crying Eyes

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HANDS UPON SALVATION Yogyakarta, Indonesia

5 hard-headed kids playing traditional hardcore/metal with power..spirit...and aggression..

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Track Name: Hands Upon Salvation - Breathing By Obscurity
Breathing By Obscurity

I could watch they scream, I could hear they cries.
Deep in my heart and the blood that runs through my veins.
Beneath the enthrallment, they're losing their hope.
Freedom and independence slowly shackled by power.
Breathing by obscurity, walk toward slavery, silence in misery.
A forgotten view, an endless suffering.
Victims from the greed of so - called civilization.
They are the martyrs of ungrateful progression.
Victims from the wicked hands within a callous society.
Blinded by perfect delusion, threatened by weapons.
Worthless intention, our devastation are
Graven...forever...I'm dying...by your mind
Sense your conscience, seek for entire answer.
Education, knowledge, use it as a defiance.
Empowerment, enforcement, armed yourself with conviction.
In a path of whirlwind, we'll walk upon incision.
A glimpse of welfare, altered to a forlorn years.
Resources exploited, humanity unexisted, and animals are paralyzed.
Could you see a fact?
That without our hands our beloved mother earth will comes to an end.
By their bloody hands.
In your heart lies conviction, on our hearts we carry our trust.
In your hand there's a power together we can set the fire.
Together we will set our existence, together we will set our resistance.